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Video - Custom Royal JPP

These videos below feature the band White Noise Generator.  A JPP100w & JPP50w prototype was used with a historic Les Paul and 2 x 4x12 pre-rola cabs with no attenuation.  All recordings were multitracked to tape using vintage mic's and a mix of various 70's mic-preamps (Neve, API & Helios).  D-Shumate is on bass (featuring his old wood 1964 P-bass) & our percussionist J-Bone featuring his vintage Vistalite kit


ROYAL AMPS ON THE CONAN O'BRIEN SHOW. Here is a video of the Ben Harper Band on the Conan O'Brien show and his guitarist Jason Mozersky playing through his Royal JPP50.

This video features a JPP50 with the bridge and middle PU settings.

Royal JPP 100 & 50 Jimmy Page Demo "Before the West Was Won".
Take a sonic journey into the Royal JPP 100 & 50 amps with the builder.

Mecury Vapor Stain. This video features a JPP100.

Tuskarora. This video features a JPP50.

Slow Burn. This video features a JPP50.

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