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In Led Zeppelin's early days, specifically between mid-1969 and the end of 1971, Jimmy Page used a custom-built Hiwatt 100w amplifier. Photos from the period show the front panel of the amp bearing his name as well as the name of the amp's manufacturer. Numerous pictures indicate that this was his amp of choice for almost all live shows that took place from summer '69 to late '71. This Custom 100 was used during the Royal Albert Hall show of January 1970, footage of which is included on the band's official DVD. The amp's tone can be heard on that recording as well as on dozens of other “rare live” recordings from that era.

Out of a passion for the tone of this particular era, Eric built for his friend Ed (a fellow Page fanatic) a personal use reproduction of this original signature amp. This original prototype amp was the inspiration for the Custom Royal JPP100 and JPP50 models. These amps closely resemble the prototype but now feature the Royal Amp Co. logo and badging so that we can make them available to you. In terms of tone and build quality, you will find no finer hand-built amplifier.

Beginning in late 1971, a vintage Plexi amp began appearing alongside Page's signature Hiwatt amp. By 1972, the Hiwatt amp disappeared altogether from Zeppelin's live shows. This new era ushered in the beginning of the “L” shaped backline configuration. By 1973, JP's live Plexi tone began to change. Many have sought after this “Song Remains”-era live tone. The Royal MSG100 was inspired by this 1973-era amp tone. The Garden shows illustrate this amp in all its glory.

Royal offers upgrades to vintage components to all its amplifiers, which bring you even closer to replicating what was being produced in Britain in the late sixties.

Please visit the audio and video pages for demonstrations of the JPP, MSG, and Hindenberg line of Royal amplifiers.

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