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Royal AmpA guitarist and songwriter himself, Eric builds the JPP, MSG, and Hindenberg line of Royal amplifiers as well as standard Plexi type models. After having spent much time seeking authentic Zeppelin-era tone, Eric found it – and with meticulous attention to detail, he has recreated it in these amps. Look at the chassis pictures, and you'll see the results of hours of labor put into each amp. The careful workmanship produces amplifiers that are as aesthetically pleasing to look at as they are to listen to. The Royal line of amps reproduce the great live and studio tones of Jimmy Page, tones that can be heard throughout the Zeppelin years from 1968 and into the '70s.

Ed owns 100 and 50 watt versions of the JPP and Plexi model amps. He is also an accomplished guitarist whose first real musical awakening took place on June 14, 1972, when he attended a Led Zeppelin concert. Having become a huge Page fan, he saw the band perform each time they toured the states from '72 to '77. Ed's admiration of JP's live tone during the era in which the first four albums were recorded led to his desire to recreate this sound with an amp of his own. The first JPP100 prototype was built for Ed by Eric in 2007.

You can hear Eric and Ed play through the various custom-built Royal amplifiers in the soundclips and video sections on this website. The differences in tone in these clips come from each player's individual style, but the consistently great tone of the Royal line of amplifiers can be heard throughout.

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